Could it be that the day was hours away?

Raising our children is not an easy task, as mothers we strive to do our best to educate them, take care of them and make them kind, good, responsible adults, but some days it seems that the hours run faster, because trying to do Everything we think about, dream about, becomes an impossible mission: there are thousands of tasks to do and it seems like you have hours a day.

However, with a little organization there are some methods that can help us find how to distribute time more efficiently and manage to take care of everything or almost everything.

5 ideas to easily organize yourself with children


  1. Organize your days.
  2. Work in team.
  3. Establish routines.
  4. Plan meals.
  5. Everything in its holy place

Organization has been a key word for me, even before I became a mother, then with two children, with all the more reason I carry it and use it every day so as not to fall into chaos. Yes, before becoming a mother I was already an organized person, although sometimes it allowed me some flexibility, but it is true that when the children arrive, things change. Even so I have kept without chaos and I will give you easy ideas to organize yourself, I hope they help you as much as I do.


1.- Organize your days

Start by organizing your activities, before involving the rest of the family. Write down everything you do during the week, including transfers to school and work, gym, meals, meetings, bill payments, shopping, etc.

I suggest you organize your activities in blocks, Mornings, Afternoons, Nights. In this way you can see where you need teamwork to be more active.

Then you can organize each week, you will always have the fixed ones and others will vary, according to the activities of the little ones and those of the family in general.

Establish a day to do the planning for each week, I do it on Sundays, if you can create a nice board (whiteboards work very well that allow you to check the ones already finished or add something unexpected) and place it in a place Visible where everyone knows the activities that are going to be carried out each day, it is practical and ideal because it allows everyone to get involved and be motivated to participate without having to ask or remember.

Respect the different needs of each member of the family; Therefore, you must incorporate not only your activities into the planning; also those of your children and partner. Their extracurricular activities, sports activities among others.

Be flexible, especially if you have young children, it is very likely that you will not be able to follow a schedule to the letter. So get the idea that unforeseen events are going to happen.

2.- Work as a team

It is very important that you make a team, involve everyone, even if the children are small, they may have certain responsibilities and so you will sow the seed to be organized and collaborative.

Distribute the tasks, it is very difficult to run a house with just one person. For this reason, the help of all members of the family is essential. Apart from considerably reducing work, it allows you to instill responsibility and awareness so as not to generate unnecessary disorder.

This will not only work for day to day, you can also use it when they are planning vacations, birthday meetings, when they have a lot of work pressure or a project that is going to take more time than usual, distributing responsibilities will make them form a great team.

3.- Establish Routines

Has it happened to you that you withdraw cash for no specific purpose, and suddenly you realize that you spent it all, and you don’t know what? Zasss disappeared?

The same thing happens with our time: if we don’t give it a specific purpose, it disappears without us realizing it.

To avoid this, we need a schedule, a routine, at least a little idea of ​​how we will use our time. I suggest these ideas to organize your routine:

  • Start your day before the boys; There are activities that are easier for us to do if we do not have to be aware of the children: shower, meditate, drink coffee in peace, read a couple of pages, do a little exercise.
  • Get up a little before your children, and take advantage of those minutes alone to do those things that you find difficult to do once they are awake.
  • Organize your earrings, the night before, think about what things you need to do the next day, and get the idea that your day cannot end until you have done them. Choose only 3 tasks, in this way you can progress
  • Get ready and get ready to go to work, when we leave it last and the family gets up, that morning rush makes us always miss something, stay with us, or leave not as well-groomed as we like.
  • If you’re working from home, get up early, take a shower, put on nice and comfortable clothes, comb your hair, and put on a little makeup and perfume. Your attitude and energy will greatly benefit.
  • If you find it difficult to follow routines, at first set alarms on your phone to stay focused and remember when to finish what you are doing and start another activity; You will see how time you get used to it.
  • Set days to make multiple meals and have them ready, as well as to go shopping, take out and pick up things from the dry cleaner, etc.
  • Don’t be going to the supermarket every day. Get creative with your meals. Make your transactions and payments online, and when you have to go out, plan your route and run several errands in one go. This will save time, gasoline and energy.

4.- Plan the Meals

Create a menu of meals. You could do it biweekly or weekly. By creating a menu, it will be easier for you to buy the food you really need and it will help you reduce expenses. Going shopping once a week or every 15 days is much more efficient than doing it every day.

When you do, include breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks, to organize everything that is going to be cooked and consumed each day of the week.

The day before cooking you can defrost and marinate the meat, advance ingredients, so when it is time for lunch you do not have to run so much.

If the making of food has been distributed among several members of the family, or you and your partner, in that case you can implement a kitchen schedule. During the week, they each cook for two days, and on Fridays they go out to eat or buy prepared food. This will help you save a lot of time.

You can also use the method of cooking in batches (batch), during the weekends prepare large quantities; It will serve to distribute the portions of the week, refrigerate them and freeze what is left over, so you have food ready to defrost when you don’t have time to cook. There are many foods that are good to freeze, such as soups, casseroles, beans, and pasta sauces.

Considering that breakfast is the simplest meal, the ideal thing for the little ones to find their favorite cup, bowl or cereals is that everything that has to do with breakfast is always kept in the same place and at hand so that it reach without problems.

5.- Everything in its holy place

The little ones in the house live in a very particular universe and that is why it is a challenge to organize the room in such a way that they are able to maintain it, so it is very important to establish a holy place for everything.

You must bear in mind that everything you teach them at this age will form their personality for the future. That is why it is important to place everything in a way that is easy for them to order and organize naturally.

Place the clothes at his height so that he can take them alone. Do the same with shoes, pajamas or space for toys or books.

Set up a place in her room for her to organize her things for each day; In this way, the day before, put your backpack, school clothes, shoes in the same place. When it comes to getting up in the morning it will save you time and sliding.

She uses games and routines to motivate them to put away their things, it worked for me with my two children to explain that each item in their room and their toys had a bed to sleep on and that at night it was important to place them in their bed so they could rest for the next day, it sounds very funny but it worked for me, the carts had to sleep with the other carts in the basket we had assigned as a garage and cart bed, the tea cups, they had their basket where all the utensils were sleeping kitchen, and if someone stayed out we always commented, oh last night he did not sleep in his bed, poor thing.

I still keep this game with my children who are already grown up when before going to sleep I go to their rooms and I see something out of place I joke, oh poor people those shoes, they will not sleep in their bed, and they laugh and remember when They were small, I am a pimp I keep them but the common denominator is that normally before going to sleep they organize their areas.

If you have come this far, you will see that these ideas to organize with children are very simple to apply, what you need is to decide when to start, when you start them you will realize that some of the ideas you can apply completely and others you will adapt to your family lifestyle. The most important thing is that they are a happily organized family.

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